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No sport compares to skydiving when it comes to high-speed, absolute pure excitement. Happily though, you too can experience this life-changing adrenaline sport. Skydiving is becoming, quickly, more mainstream - not as risky or frightening as you may believe.


Advances in technology, gear, and training methods have helped grow the sport exponentially. So now is your opportunity of a life time! Capture that feeling, that surreal moment, when you accomplish your first skydive – on your own – soaring through the air, flying your own canopy safely back to the ground.


At Vacationland Skydiving, you will learn from our expert United States Parachute Association’s (USPA) licensed skydiving instructors. This program includes everything you need to know and learn to become a competent and safe skydiver.


We know once you take the first step in our static-line skydiving program; you’ll be hooked…From the first jump to your “A” license and beyond.


Vacationland Skydiving uses the Static-Line training method – following the guidelines of the USPA. The Static-Line training program continues to be the most reliable, proven, and safest method of skydiving training.


Static-Line training is a bottom up approach to skydiving; learning each step independently as to master each skill required to become a proficient & safe skydiver independently.


You’re progression will follow this formula:

  • Jumps 1-5 Static Line
    In the initial stages, you will learn proper aircraft boarding, exit, and proper technics for ‘leaving the step,’ presenting yourself into the wind, proper ‘arch’ while your canopy automatically deploys. You’ll learn how orientate yourself, find the DZ, fly your canopy back to the ground. This is done with the help of your instructor in the airplane and radio communication from the ground. Each jump will include ground prep with your instructor and debriefing after you land successfully.
  • Jump 6 & 7 Clear & Pull Jumps
    The next two jumps, you’ll use the skills learned in your static-line jumps to exit the airplane completely on your own. From an altitude of 4000 feet first, you will climb out on your instructor’s commands, ready yourself, and jump independently. You’ll clear the aircraft, arch, & pull with a 5 second free-fall delay. Next, it’s to 5000 feet to repeat the process with a 10 second free-fall – then pull and fly your parachute back to the ground. At this point, you should require very minimal radio assistance. Each jump will include ground prep with your instructor and debriefing after you land successfully.
  • Jumps 8 - 15
    By jump 8, you’re climbing to full altitude in the airplane. You will jump with your static-line instructor at this point free-falling from 10,500 feet above the drop zone. You will begin to learn the remaining components required for your “A” license such as forward & backward movement, turns, flips, hand signals, tracking and deploying your parachute, while you continue to perfect your canopy skills. At this point, you should be flying without ground/radio assistance. Each jump will include ground prep with your instructor and debriefing after you land successfully.
  • Jumps 16-20 Coaching Jumps
    By jump # 15, you will start to transition from your instructors to a USPA certified Coach. You will continue to learn and develop all the skills learned so far in addition to learning new skills. You will continue to have jump prep on the ground prior to climbing into the aircraft and post jump debriefings.
  • Jumps 21-25 Self Supervised Jumps
    At this point, you will be jumping solo working on the skills developed in the previous stages – getting ready for your “A” License ‘check dive.’

    (Note – Safety through your progression is the number one focus of your coaches and instructors. Although we know you will enjoy the learning progression – dreaming of your next jump each time you land – progression varies for all individuals. You may progress faster or slower than others. Your instructors/coaches will be responsible for signing you off and advancing you only when you are prepared for the next stage)


You must be 18 years old (no exceptions – IDs are required) to skydive. The weight limit for the static-line program is 220lbs. Reservations are required for all classes. A $50 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your slot. Ground classes are rain or shine. Vacationland Skydiving highly recommends, prior to static-line training, all students complete a tandem skydive first. This is for both experience and safety. When you jump your first time, your body will experience a perspective unlike anything it has ever encountered prior. You could encounter sensory overload which can be minimized by a prior tandem skydive. Additional discounts will be given to a tandem skydive booked in conjunction with the static-line program.

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